Margarita Ramirez

When I began writing Lonesome Cowboy, Shane made his voice known right away. His love interest, however, wouldn’t talk to me, especially after I chose a “White” name for her.

It wasn’t until I had written a few chapters that she revealed to me that her name was Margarita and she was Mexican American.  If you are unfamiliar with my work, I pretty much just write what my characters tell me to.

Some authors have complete control over their characters. How I envy them! I simply listen to what my characters tell me and let them dictate their lives to me. And then I share it with you.

Many authors wouldn’t bother writing a Mexican American heroine because quiet frankly, white heroines seem to sell a lot more. Or they are afraid they would get the character wrong and tick off a particular ethnic group. I’m not going to let a few haters bully me into changing my characters. They are who they are and they won’t apologize for it. Neither will I.

I’m a Minority and I’m married to a White man, so I tend to write interracial stories. I think the world needs more love and that’s my mission in life: to spread the love one couple at a time.

So if you would like to see more non white heroes or heroines, I hope you will recommend my books to your friends and check out my other interracial books on my main website, DianaPersaud.Com